YBI F.A.Q. Frequently Asked Questions

Q: I am attending ballet class only once-a-week. Will the seminar classes be too difficult for me?

The variety of classes on the seminar schedule ensures that there will be something for all students within a wide range of abilities. Junior courses are designed for those taking 1 to 4 classes per week. The Advanced classes are quite challenging, though, which is why we recommend students be taking at least 3 classes per week. Some students taking fewer than 3 classes a week are quite capable of participating in the Advanced course for their age group, though, so since we do consider each student's case individually, we encourage you to contact the YBI office by phone, fax, or email. (English is OK!) Keep in mind that, with the director's approval, it is possible for students to change groups once the seminar gets under way.



Q: I don't speak Japanese. Will I still be able to participate?

Each year one or two students coming to YBI speak only English. They do sometimes find it a little overwhelming the first day, but invariably leave the seminar having had a great time. Most of the class instructors speak English, and for activities such as the Chacott workshop we do our best to have someone on hand to translate. A number of YBI's administrative staff members are bilingual.



Q: What will I need to bring to the seminar?

Basically you will need the same things (leotards, tights, shoes, towel) that you take to your regular dance classes, a sweater to cover up with between classes, as well as lunch and/or snack food depending on the schedule classes for your group. You can bring a drink with you or buy one from the vending machine in Landmark Hall.

For a list of what to bring specific to the 12th Yokohama Ballet Intensive (2014) click here.


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