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age 18 and up


Join in the passion to inspire the next generation of dancers as these world class instructors share with you their education techniques and experience in dance performance. This 3 day course includes classes in ballet, repertory, contemporary, character, pilates and more. Course participants are free to dance in or observe these classes. In the 3 days following the Teachers Course participants can stay on at YBI to observe seminar classes with a discounted observation ticket.


Teachers plus Preprofessional

Combine these two amazing courses for 6 days that will broaden your view of the world of dance. Get valuable advice and insight from the instructors to help you as you plan your future in dance.



age 15 and up


This intensive 3 day course gives young dancers the chance to train with top class instructors, showing them how to take the step from student to professional. Over 6 hours of classes daily includes ballet, neo-classical repertory, contemporary, character, pilates and more.



age 13 & 14


This is a course designed for dancers looking to increase confidence in their technique and performance skills. Students will have 4 days of inspiring classes in ballet, classical repertory, contemporary, character, pilates and more.



age 11 & 12


For these young dancers who are just finding their strength and focus we offer 3 options: Course A (3 days), Course B (3 days) or Course A&B (6 days). All courses include ballet, romantic repertory, contemporary, character, pilates and more.
Bonus extra training for students in the 6 day course! Choose either coaching in a variation of your choice OR classes in basic pointe and stretch.



age 9 & 10


In this 3 day course the instructors will not only guide the children through basic points of dance technique but give them the skills and confidence to truly communicate through dance. Each day will include classes in ballet, contemporary, character, and pilates, while inspiring the students to truly dance and giving them opportunities to make new friends. Students are fully supervised during the day.



age 7 & 8


Under the care of YBI staff and instructors these budding dancers can take their first steps outside their local ballet school to try new dances and make new friends. On the schedule each day are 3 classes: ballet, contemporary and character. Choose from a 3 day course (A) or two 2 day courses (B or C). Students are fully supervised while at the seminar.
Parents and teachers can watch the Primary classes with a Primary Observation Ticket.


16th Yokohama Ballet Intensive

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