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There is nothing better than a child who has a passion for dance!Teachers and parents should do everything they can to help these students achieve success.

Success for dancers is not just good technique and artistic talent.
At Yokohama Ballet Intensive, our aim is to give young dancers the other important skills, necessary to grow as dancers.



For Japanese dancers aiming to dance overseas, danceWord teaches about the differences between cultures and gives them the English they will need to participate fully in the international dance world.

Students who attend dance lessons simply for enjoyment can also enjoy studying English through discussion of a variety of dance topics.




Profile: Helen Price, director

Helen Price

I know something about moving countries, learning another language, and dancing!


Helen in England I was born in England.
Helen in Canada

My family immigrated to Canada when I was 2.


Every kid in Canada skates!

Helen as an elf

When I was 7 years old I started taking ballet lessons and knew right away that I had found my passion.


My first costume: I was an elf!

Helen at NBS When I was 14 I entered the National Ballet School and studied there for 4 years. 
Helen in New York I spent 2 years in New York studying dance, working in a restaurant, going to the theatre…and performing with the Leon Felder Dance Company.
Ontario Ballet Theatre

I danced with the Ontario Ballet Theatre, in Toronto, for 3 years.


That’s where I met Monica Kapelar!


I went to University of Toronto for two years to study linguistics and Japanese.

  I married a Japanese man and moved to Kawasaki.
ballet school After my daughter was born I opened a ballet school in Yokohama and Kawasaki.
YBI For the past 16 years I have been running the Yokohama Ballet Intensive in Landmark Hall.



Helen at computerNow I am on to the next stage in my life: teaching English to Japanese dancers…and being a grandmother!